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QuickBooks Bookkeeping Services


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CLOUD COMPUTING: Combined with the Internet and the power of today's computer, a small business can consist of nothing more than a laptop computer. QuickBooks Online bookkeeping reduces overhead and increases efficiency. This is quickly becoming the preferred method for small businesses. No hardware to maintain and no software to backup, just 24/7 availability. (Requires credit card on file)

Consulting: Sitting down with you to discuss the best type of company that meets your needs along with the best method of QuickBooks bookkeeping, in the cloud or in house, and the level of bookkeeping assistance desired.

Installation & Setup: determine your computer needs, level of QuickBooks needed, install and setup.

Monthly Oversight: Utilizing QuickBooks a minimum of 4 hours per month bookkeeping (prepaid monthly) whereby our representative (bookkeeper / accountant) logs in or visits (driving fee required) to update and reconcile checking account, bring credit card accounts current, monitor purchases to make sure they are assigned to proper accounts, print reports,verify sales tax reporting and estimated company tax reporting. As business grows more time per month will be needed and will be billed by the hour after the initial four hours (but only after your approval) (Requires credit card on file)

Retainage: 4 hour minimum for those who just need answers and occasional help. Re-newed in the last 30 minute interval. (Requires credit card on file)

Training: QuickBooks training for yourself or your employees. From beginner to advanced. This can be for the administrator who needs to know all or particular departments for specialized work such as A/P only or A/R alone. If desired we can assist your sales department in setting up clients and invoicing them. QuickBooks is versatile and easily modified to meet most needs.

Payroll: Premier Bookkeeping & Consulting can handle all of your payroll as you desire. Utilizing QuickBooks Payroll will take the confusion and stress out of the weekly flow and also include minor human resources responsibilities such sick leave, vacation, new hire and termination. On time federal reports such as 941's, 940's, and unemployment are a bonus.

Remote: logging in to your computers and working remotely increases efficiencies and allows more work to done on a daily basis. This can be done anywhere in the world as needed and at any time. There are those who desire Premier Bookkeeping to log in toward the end of the week just for maintenance on the server to update QuickBooks to the latest version, clean up and backup.